Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cassanova - MacGuyver Tophat

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My son Ransom has always been a lover. His fondest wish is to be a Daddy and a husband, and then perhaps an engineer or a mathmatician. It's one of the things I love most about the boy - his earnest desire to have a loving relationship with a woman. During my most recent dating days, it was comforting to know that at least ONE member of the opposite sex felt that way, even if this particular one collected crickets in his pockets to give to pretty girls as gifts.

Ransom also has a poor sense of judgment after immersing himself in videogames for any length of time. If the kid is gonna get in trouble, you can bet it's somehow tied to videogames. For instance, last week, as Danny tried in vane to get the cranky baby settled, he asked Ransom to answer the phone that was ringing incessantly. Ransom paused briefly from his videogame to announce "I don't know where the phone is". When Danny urged him to get off his duff and find it, Ransom replied "Get off my back Danny". Danny asked "EXCUSE ME??" and with pure disregard for his own life and limb, Ransom said "oh, sorry... Get off my back PLEASE."

So, banished to his room again, Ransom was looking for something to do. Once Danny left the house to run an errand, he snuck downstairs, raided various junk drawers, scrapbook boxes, bathroom cabinets and the freezer to gather materials for a project idea he had. Armed with electrical tape, batteries, a paperclip, fingernail clippers, christmas lights and a tophat, the boy proceeded to piece together his own Valentine day accessory. Now, let me pause a moment to relay a key tidbit which makes this story so much more poignant - Ransom does wild stuff on Valentine's day. He's a man ahead of his age group. last year he wore his suit, complete with self knotted silk tie, to elementary school on Valentine's Day. He's also been known to make up poems, make his own Valentine's cards, and rub his body down with his sisters' lotion - to be soft for the LAY-DEEZZZZ....

So, the kid took the tophat (you can imagine a kid like this owning a tophat, can't you?) and proceeded to make a few modifications. He took two Christmas lights and stripped the cord cover off them with cuticle cutters. He then made a circuit from brads, a paperclip, two batteries and some electrical tape. He inserted the lights in the top of the hat, and rigged up a battery holding contraption with popsicle sticks and a few of mom's hair bands (mom helped a bit here), and VOILA - a light up Valentine's tophat!!

He learned how to do this on the internet, he said. He's already a veteran at playing with electricity and power, but this is the first time he's ever combined this particular set of skills - science and lllluuuuvvvvv......

yes, he wore this hat to school on Valentine's Day. He also paid to have a carnation delivered to his crush at school. When she sent a friend over to ask if he sent the carnation as a friend or something more, he totally froze up and stuttered... "uh, as a know... like a friend.. type... thing..." meanwhile, his Casanova McGuyver tophat blinked away happily from atop his little 10 year old noggin.
Ladies, THIS is your man!

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